By default, glooxd is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. See the Licensing page for alternatives.

There are no official tarball downloads for glooxd at this point.


  • gloox (required, v1.0 or above)
  • GnuTLS (recommended, v1.2.x or above, for TLS support)
  • OpenSSL (optional replacement for GnuTLS, v0.9.8 or above, for TLS support)
  • LibIDN (recommended, v0.5.x or above, for JID prepping)
  • Zlib (optional, v1.2.3, for Stream Compression)

Anonymous read-only svn access

Development of glooxd happens in svn trunk. There is absolutely no guarantee that this code compiles or works as expected (even though usually it at least compiles). To check out the bleeding edge source:

svn co svn:// glooxd

If you are on *nix, create the build system by running from inside the directory you just checked out:


You can browse the repository online at

source installation

First, the usual


The library will be installed to /usr/local by default. You can change that using the –prefix switch with configure. See configure –help for a full list of available options.


then as user root:

make install