Feature Overview

gloox is fully compliant to XMPP Core and almost (see below) fully compliant to XMPP IM. The following are some of the supported features:

  • TLS and SASL
  • roster management
  • privacy lists
  • SRV lookups
  • server certificate verification
  • support for xml:lang i18n

Additionally, the following XEPs are supported:

gloox is known to run at least on Linux, *BSD, MacOS X, SkyOS, Syllable and Win32 (both MingW and MSVC). There also is experimental support for WinCE/Mobile.

Not supported but required by XMPP IM:

  • End-to-end object encryption as defined in RFC 3923 (End-to-End Object Encryption in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)): there are no other implementations of the spec
  • handling of addresses that are encoded as “im:” URIs: this is better handled by client implementations