glooxd is an embeddable XMPP server library, written in C++. Using glooxd you can easily add XMPP server functionality to your application, and customize its behavior to your liking. glooxd is released under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Commercial licensing and support are available.

glooxd itself is not a ready-made, off-the-shelf server. It is targeted at developers of applications that require customizable, easy-to-use XMPP server functionality.

The code is still under development: many features are still missing, and no stable version has been released yet. However, you are more than welcome to play with the current development snapshot from SVN. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Latest development version: 0.3-svn

Quick Facts

  • easy to use
  • extensible
  • platform-independent
  • well-tested
  • fully documented source

Supported platforms

  • Linux, including embedded devices such as gumstix, AVR32, etc.
  • Windows
  • Mac OS