The following lists the features which will go into the next release(s). The goal is to support the listed XEPs completely, including SHOULDs.

Done for version 1.1 (currently in svn trunk):

  • added minimal build option – lets you exclude all non-essential extensions and/or compile in only what you need
  • XMPP over WebSocket (RFC 7395) (done)
  • XEP-0144 Roster Item Exchange (done)
  • XEP-0284 Shared XML Editing (done)
  • XEP-0333 Chat Markers (experimental)
  • XEP-0334 Message Processing Hints (done)
  • XEP-0372 References (done)
  • XEP-0394 Mesage Markup (done)

Implementation of more XEPs is planned for the more distant future.