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#include <component.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Component (const std::string &ns, const std::string &server, const std::string &component, const std::string &password, int port=5347)
virtual ~Component ()
void disconnect ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClientBase
 ClientBase (const std::string &ns, const std::string &server, int port=-1)
 ClientBase (const std::string &ns, const std::string &password, const std::string &server, int port=-1)
virtual ~ClientBase ()
bool connect (bool block=true)
ConnectionError recv (int timeout=-1)
virtual const std::string & username () const
const JIDjid ()
void setSasl (bool sasl)
GLOOX_DEPRECATED void setTls (bool tls)
void setTls (TLSPolicy tls)
void setCompression (bool compression)
void setPort (int port)
void setServer (const std::string &server)
void setPassword (const std::string &password)
const std::string & server () const
bool sasl () const
bool tls () const
bool compression () const
int port () const
virtual const std::string & password () const
virtual Discodisco () const
const std::string getID ()
virtual void send (Tag *tag)
bool authed () const
ConnectionState state () const
const std::string & xmlLang () const
void setXmlLang (const std::string &xmllang)
ConnectionBaseconnectionImpl () const
void setConnectionImpl (ConnectionBase *cb)
TLSBaseencryptionImpl () const
void setEncryptionImpl (TLSBase *tb)
CompressionBasecompressionImpl () const
void setCompressionImpl (CompressionBase *cb)
void whitespacePing ()
void xmppPing (const JID &to)
void setAuthzid (const JID &authzid)
void setSASLMechanisms (int mechanisms)
void registerConnectionListener (ConnectionListener *cl)
void registerIqHandler (IqHandler *ih, const std::string &xmlns)
void trackID (IqHandler *ih, const std::string &id, int context)
void removeIDHandler (IqHandler *ih)
void registerMessageHandler (MessageHandler *mh)
void removeMessageHandler (MessageHandler *mh)
void registerMessageSession (MessageSession *session)
void disposeMessageSession (MessageSession *session)
void registerPresenceHandler (PresenceHandler *ph)
void registerPresenceHandler (const JID &jid, PresenceHandler *ph)
void registerSubscriptionHandler (SubscriptionHandler *sh)
void registerTagHandler (TagHandler *th, const std::string &tag, const std::string &xmlns)
void registerStatisticsHandler (StatisticsHandler *sh)
void removeConnectionListener (ConnectionListener *cl)
void removeIqHandler (const std::string &xmlns)
void removePresenceHandler (PresenceHandler *ph)
void removePresenceHandler (const JID &jid, PresenceHandler *ph)
void removeSubscriptionHandler (SubscriptionHandler *sh)
void removeTagHandler (TagHandler *th, const std::string &tag, const std::string &xmlns)
void removeStatisticsHandler ()
void setCACerts (const StringList &cacerts)
void setClientCert (const std::string &clientKey, const std::string &clientCerts)
void registerMessageSessionHandler (MessageSessionHandler *msh, int types=0)
LogSinklogInstance ()
StreamError streamError () const
const std::string streamErrorText (const std::string &lang="default") const
const std::string & streamErrorCData () const
const TagstreamErrorAppCondition () const
AuthenticationError authError () const
StatisticsStruct getStatistics ()
void registerMUCInvitationHandler (MUCInvitationHandler *mih)
void removeMUCInvitationHandler ()
virtual void handleTag (Tag *tag)
virtual void handleCompressedData (const std::string &data)
virtual void handleDecompressedData (const std::string &data)
virtual void handleReceivedData (const ConnectionBase *connection, const std::string &data)
virtual void handleConnect (const ConnectionBase *connection)
virtual void handleDisconnect (const ConnectionBase *connection, ConnectionError reason)
virtual void handleEncryptedData (const TLSBase *base, const std::string &data)
virtual void handleDecryptedData (const TLSBase *base, const std::string &data)
virtual void handleHandshakeResult (const TLSBase *base, bool success, CertInfo &certinfo)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TagHandler
virtual ~TagHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionDataHandler
virtual ~ConnectionDataHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CompressionDataHandler
virtual ~CompressionDataHandler ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TLSHandler
virtual ~TLSHandler ()

Detailed Description

This is an implementation of a basic jabber Component.

It's using XEP-0114 (Jabber Component Protocol) to authenticate with a server.

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 33 of file component.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Component ( const std::string &  ns,
const std::string &  server,
const std::string &  component,
const std::string &  password,
int  port = 5347 

Constructs a new Component.

nsThe namespace that qualifies the stream. Either jabber:component:accept or jabber:component:connect. See XEP-0114 for details.
serverThe server to connect to.
componentThe component's hostname. FQDN.
passwordThe component's password.
portThe port to connect to. The default of 5347 is the default port of the router in jabberd2.

Definition at line 27 of file component.cpp.

virtual ~Component ( )

Virtual Destructor.

Definition at line 52 of file component.h.

Member Function Documentation

void disconnect ( )

Disconnects from the server.

Definition at line 57 of file component.h.

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