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VCardHandler Class Reference

#include <vcardhandler.h>

Public Types

enum  VCardContext { FetchVCard, StoreVCard }

Public Member Functions

virtual ~VCardHandler ()
virtual void handleVCard (const JID &jid, const VCard *vcard)=0
virtual void handleVCardResult (VCardContext context, const JID &jid, StanzaError se=StanzaErrorUndefined)=0

Detailed Description

A virtual interface that helps requesting Jabber VCards.

Derive from this interface and register with the VCardManager. See VCardManager for info on how to fetch VCards.

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 36 of file vcardhandler.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Describes possible operation contexts.


Operation involves fetching a VCard.


Operation involves storing a VCard.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~VCardHandler ( )

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 51 of file vcardhandler.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void handleVCard ( const JID jid,
const VCard vcard 
pure virtual

This function is called when a VCard has been successfully fetched.

jidThe JID to which this VCard belongs.
vcardThe fetched VCard. Zero if there is no VCard for this contact. Do not delete the VCard. It will be deleted after this function returned.
virtual void handleVCardResult ( VCardContext  context,
const JID jid,
StanzaError  se = StanzaErrorUndefined 
pure virtual

This function is called to indicate the result of a VCard store operation or any error that occurs.

contextThe operation which yielded the result.
jidThe JID involved.
seThe error, if any. If equal to StanzaErrorUndefined no error occured.

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