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LastActivity Class Reference

#include <lastactivity.h>

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class  Query
 This is an abstraction of a LastActivity Query that can be used in XEP-0012 as well as XEP-0256. More...

Public Member Functions

 LastActivity (ClientBase *parent)
virtual ~LastActivity ()
void query (const JID &jid)
void registerLastActivityHandler (LastActivityHandler *lah)
void removeLastActivityHandler ()
void resetIdleTimer ()
virtual bool handleIq (const IQ &iq)
virtual void handleIqID (const IQ &iq, int context)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IqHandler
virtual ~IqHandler ()

Detailed Description

This is an implementation of XEP-0012 (Last Activity) for both clients and components.

LastActivity can be used to query remote entities about their last activity time as well as answer incoming last-activity-queries.

XEP Version: 2.0

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 39 of file lastactivity.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LastActivity ( ClientBase parent)

Constructs a new LastActivity object.

parentThe ClientBase object to use for communication.

Definition at line 68 of file lastactivity.cpp.

~LastActivity ( )

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 80 of file lastactivity.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool handleIq ( const IQ iq)

Reimplement this function if you want to be notified about incoming IQs.

iqThe complete IQ stanza.
Indicates whether a request of type 'get' or 'set' has been handled. This includes the obligatory 'result' answer. If you return false, a 'error' will be sent.

Implements IqHandler.

Definition at line 97 of file lastactivity.cpp.

void handleIqID ( const IQ iq,
int  context 

Reimplement this function if you want to be notified about incoming IQs with a specific value of the id attribute. You have to enable tracking of those IDs using Client::trackID(). This is usually useful for IDs that generate a positive reply, i.e. <iq type='result' id='reg'/> where a namespace filter wouldn't work.

iqThe complete IQ stanza.
contextA value to restore context, stored with ClientBase::trackID().
Only IQ stanzas of type 'result' or 'error' can arrive here.

Implements IqHandler.

Definition at line 110 of file lastactivity.cpp.

void query ( const JID jid)

Queries the given JID for their last activity. The result can be received by reimplementing LastActivityHandler::handleLastActivityResult() and LastActivityHandler::handleLastActivityError().

Definition at line 90 of file lastactivity.cpp.

void registerLastActivityHandler ( LastActivityHandler lah)

Use this function to register an object as handler for incoming results of Last-Activity queries. Only one handler is possible at a time.

lahThe object to register as handler.

Definition at line 134 of file lastactivity.h.

void removeLastActivityHandler ( )

Use this function to un-register the LastActivityHandler set earlier.

Definition at line 139 of file lastactivity.h.

void resetIdleTimer ( )

Use this function to reset the idle timer. By default the number of seconds since the instantiation will be used.

Definition at line 127 of file lastactivity.cpp.

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