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TLSBase Class Reference

#include <tlsbase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TLSBase (TLSHandler *th, const std::string server)
virtual ~TLSBase ()
virtual bool init (const std::string &clientKey=EmptyString, const std::string &clientCerts=EmptyString, const StringList &cacerts=StringList())=0
void setInitLib (bool init)
virtual void setSubject (const std::string &subject)
virtual bool encrypt (const std::string &data)=0
virtual int decrypt (const std::string &data)=0
virtual void cleanup ()=0
virtual bool handshake ()=0
virtual bool isSecure () const
virtual const CertInfofetchTLSInfo () const

Detailed Description

An abstract base class for TLS implementations.

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 31 of file tlsbase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TLSBase ( TLSHandler th,
const std::string  server 


thThe TLSHandler to handle TLS-related events.
serverThe server to use in certificate verification.

Definition at line 39 of file tlsbase.h.

virtual ~TLSBase ( )

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 46 of file tlsbase.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void cleanup ( )
pure virtual

This function performs internal cleanup and will be called after a failed handshake attempt.

Implemented in TLSDefault, SChannelBase, OpenSSLBase, GnuTLSBase, GnuTLSClient, GnuTLSClientAnon, GnuTLSServer, and GnuTLSServerAnon.

virtual int decrypt ( const std::string &  data)
pure virtual

Use this function to feed encrypted data or received handshake data to the encryption implementation. Handshake data will be eaten, unencrypted data will be pushed to the TLSHandler's handleDecryptedData() function.

dataThe data to decrypt.
The number of bytes used from the input.

Implemented in TLSDefault, SChannelBase, OpenSSLBase, and GnuTLSBase.

virtual bool encrypt ( const std::string &  data)
pure virtual

Use this function to feed unencrypted data to the encryption implementation. The encrypted result will be pushed to the TLSHandler's handleEncryptedData() function.

dataThe data to encrypt.
Whether or not the data was used successfully.

Implemented in TLSDefault, SChannelBase, OpenSSLBase, and GnuTLSBase.

virtual const CertInfo& fetchTLSInfo ( ) const

This function is used to retrieve certificate and connection info of a encrypted connection.

Certificate information.

Reimplemented in TLSDefault.

Definition at line 128 of file tlsbase.h.

virtual bool handshake ( )
pure virtual

This functiopn performs the TLS handshake. Handshake data from the server side should be fed in using decrypt(). Handshake data that is to be sent to the other side is pushed through TLSBase's handleEncryptedData().

True if the handshake was successful or if more input is needed, false if the handshake failed.

Implemented in TLSDefault, OpenSSLBase, GnuTLSBase, SChannelClient, and SChannelServer.

virtual bool init ( const std::string &  clientKey = EmptyString,
const std::string &  clientCerts = EmptyString,
const StringList cacerts = StringList() 
pure virtual

Initializes the TLS module. This function must be called (and execute successfully) before the module can be used.

clientKeyThe absolute path to the user's private key in PEM format.
clientCertsA path to a certificate bundle in PEM format.
cacertsA list of absolute paths to CA root certificate files in PEM format.
False if initialization failed, true otherwise.
The arguments are not used in the SChannel (native on Windows) implementation, init() needs to be called nonetheless. Use setSubject() to set client/server key/certificate.

Implemented in TLSDefault, GnuTLSClient, SChannelBase, GnuTLSClientAnon, GnuTLSServer, GnuTLSServerAnon, and OpenSSLBase.

virtual bool isSecure ( ) const

Returns the state of the encryption.

The state of the encryption.

Reimplemented in TLSDefault.

Definition at line 122 of file tlsbase.h.

void setInitLib ( bool  init)

Enables/disables initialization of the underlying TLS library. By default, initialization is performed. You may want to switch it off if the TLS library is used elsewhere in your applicationas well and you have no control over the initialization.

initWhether or not to intialize the underlying TLS library.

Definition at line 71 of file tlsbase.h.

virtual void setSubject ( const std::string &  subject)

Sets the subject/common name to search the system certificate store for. Used only by the SChannel implementation (Windows). Required for SChannel server, optional for SChannel client. The system 'MY' certificate store will be searched for the subject (substring match) for a private key/certificate pair which will be used.

On the server-side, initialization will fail if subject is not set or if no associated key/certificate could be found. On the client-side initialization will fail if a subject was set for which no key/certificate pair could be found. Setting no subject on the client-side is fine.
setSubject() must be called before init() to be effective.
subjectThe to use.

Definition at line 85 of file tlsbase.h.

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