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SChannelClient Class Reference

#include <tlsschannelclient.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SChannelClient (TLSHandler *th, const std::string &server)
virtual ~SChannelClient ()
virtual bool handshake ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SChannelBase
 SChannelBase (TLSHandler *th, const std::string &server)
virtual ~SChannelBase ()
virtual bool init (const std::string &clientKey=EmptyString, const std::string &clientCerts=EmptyString, const StringList &cacerts=StringList())
virtual bool encrypt (const std::string &data)
virtual int decrypt (const std::string &data)
virtual void cleanup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TLSBase
 TLSBase (TLSHandler *th, const std::string server)
virtual ~TLSBase ()
void setInitLib (bool init)
virtual void setSubject (const std::string &subject)
virtual bool isSecure () const
virtual const CertInfofetchTLSInfo () const

Detailed Description

This class implements a TLS backend using SChannel.

Jakob Schroeter

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SChannelClient ( TLSHandler th,
const std::string &  server 


thThe TLSHandler to handle TLS-related events.
serverThe server to use in certificate verification.

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~SChannelClient ( )

Virtual destructor.

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Member Function Documentation

bool handshake ( )

This functiopn performs the TLS handshake. Handshake data from the server side should be fed in using decrypt(). Handshake data that is to be sent to the other side is pushed through TLSBase's handleEncryptedData().

True if the handshake was successful or if more input is needed, false if the handshake failed.

Implements TLSBase.

Definition at line 34 of file tlsschannelclient.cpp.

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