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UniqueMUCRoom Class Reference

#include <uniquemucroom.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UniqueMUCRoom (ClientBase *parent, const JID &nick, MUCRoomHandler *mrh)
virtual ~UniqueMUCRoom ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from InstantMUCRoom
 InstantMUCRoom (ClientBase *parent, const JID &nick, MUCRoomHandler *mrh)
virtual ~InstantMUCRoom ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MUCRoom
 MUCRoom (ClientBase *parent, const JID &nick, MUCRoomHandler *mrh, MUCRoomConfigHandler *mrch=0)
virtual ~MUCRoom ()
void setPassword (const std::string &password)
const std::string name () const
const std::string service () const
const std::string nick () const
virtual void join (Presence::PresenceType type=Presence::Available, const std::string &status=EmptyString, int priority=0)
void leave (const std::string &msg=EmptyString)
void send (const std::string &message)
void setSubject (const std::string &subject)
MUCRoomAffiliation affiliation () const
MUCRoomRole role () const
void setNick (const std::string &nick)
void setPresence (Presence::PresenceType presence, const std::string &msg=EmptyString)
void invite (const JID &invitee, const std::string &reason, const std::string &thread=EmptyString)
void getRoomInfo ()
void getRoomItems ()
void setPublish (bool publish, bool publishNick)
void registerMUCRoomHandler (MUCRoomHandler *mrl)
void removeMUCRoomHandler ()
void registerMUCRoomConfigHandler (MUCRoomConfigHandler *mrch)
void removeMUCRoomConfigHandler ()
void addHistory (const std::string &message, const JID &from, const std::string &stamp)
void setRequestHistory (int value, HistoryRequestType type)
void setRequestHistory (const std::string &since)
void requestVoice ()
void kick (const std::string &nick, const std::string &reason=EmptyString)
void ban (const std::string &nick, const std::string &reason)
void grantVoice (const std::string &nick, const std::string &reason)
void revokeVoice (const std::string &nick, const std::string &reason)
void setRole (const std::string &nick, MUCRoomRole role, const std::string &reason=EmptyString)
void setAffiliation (const std::string &nick, MUCRoomAffiliation affiliation, const std::string &reason)
void requestRoomConfig ()
void setRoomConfig (DataForm *form)
void acknowledgeInstantRoom ()
void cancelRoomCreation ()
void destroy (const std::string &reason=EmptyString, const JID &alternate=JID(), const std::string &password=EmptyString)
void requestList (MUCOperation operation)
void storeList (const MUCListItemList items, MUCOperation operation)
int flags () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IqHandler
virtual ~IqHandler ()
virtual bool handleIq (const IQ &iq)=0
virtual void handleIqID (const IQ &iq, int context)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MUCRoom
enum  HistoryRequestType {
  HistoryMaxChars, HistoryMaxStanzas, HistorySeconds, HistorySince,
enum  MUCUserOperation {
  OpNone, OpInviteTo, OpInviteFrom, OpDeclineTo,
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MUCRoom
static MessagedeclineInvitation (const JID &room, const JID &invitor, const std::string &reason=EmptyString)
static MessagecreateDataForm (const JID &room, const DataForm *df)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from InstantMUCRoom
virtual bool instantRoomHook () const

Detailed Description

This class implements a unique MUC room.

A unique MUC room is a room with a non-human-readable name. It is primarily intended to be used when converting one-to-one chats to multi-user chats.

XEP version: 1.21

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 34 of file uniquemucroom.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UniqueMUCRoom ( ClientBase parent,
const JID nick,
MUCRoomHandler mrh 

Creates a new abstraction of a unique Multi-User Chat room. The room is not joined automatically. Use join() to join the room, use leave() to leave it. See MUCRoom for detailed info.

parentThe ClientBase object to use for the communication.
nickThe service to create the room on plus the desired nickname in the form service/nick.
mrhThe MUCRoomHandler that will listen to room events. May be 0 and may be specified later using registerMUCRoomHandler(). However, without one, MUC is no joy.
To subsequently configure the room, use MUCRoom::registerMUCRoomConfigHandler().

Definition at line 50 of file uniquemucroom.cpp.

~UniqueMUCRoom ( )

Virtual Destructor.

Definition at line 59 of file uniquemucroom.cpp.

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