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MUCInvitationHandler Class Reference

#include <mucinvitationhandler.h>

Public Member Functions

 MUCInvitationHandler (ClientBase *parent)
virtual ~MUCInvitationHandler ()
virtual void handleMUCInvitation (const JID &room, const JID &from, const std::string &reason, const std::string &body, const std::string &password, bool cont, const std::string &thread)=0

Detailed Description

A handler that can be used to receive invitations to MUC rooms.

Register a derived class with ClientBase::registerMUCInvitationHandler().

Jakob Schroeter

Definition at line 35 of file mucinvitationhandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor. Prepares the given ClientBase for receiving MUC invitations..

parentA ClientBase instance to prepare.

Definition at line 21 of file mucinvitationhandler.cpp.

virtual ~MUCInvitationHandler ( )

Virtual Destructor.

Definition at line 47 of file mucinvitationhandler.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void handleMUCInvitation ( const JID room,
const JID from,
const std::string &  reason,
const std::string &  body,
const std::string &  password,
bool  cont,
const std::string &  thread 
pure virtual

This function is called for incoming invitations to MUC rooms.

roomThe JID of the room you're being invited to.
fromThe JID of the inviter.
reasonA reason for the invitation.
bodyThe body of the message. May contain a MUC-service generated invitation message.
passwordOptionally, a password for the room.
contIndicates whether or not the multi-user chat is a continuation of a private chat.
threadAn optional thread identifier in case this is a continued chat.

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