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StanzaExtensionFactory Class Reference

#include <stanzaextensionfactory.h>

Public Member Functions

void registerExtension (StanzaExtension *ext)
bool removeExtension (int ext)
 StanzaExtensionFactory ()
 ~StanzaExtensionFactory ()
void addExtensions (Stanza &stanza, Tag *tag)

Detailed Description

A Factory that creates StanzaExtensions from Tags.

To supply a custom StanzaExtension, reimplement StanzaExtension's virtuals and pass an instance to registerExtension().

You should not need to use this class directly. Use ClientBase::registerStanzaExtension() instead. See StanzaExtension for more information about adding protocol implementations to gloox.

Jakob Schröter

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StanzaExtensionFactory()

Creates a new StanzaExtensionFactory.

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◆ ~StanzaExtensionFactory()

Non-virtual destructor.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addExtensions()

void addExtensions ( Stanza stanza,
Tag tag 

This function creates StanzaExtensions from the given Tag and attaches them to the given Stanza.

stanzaThe Stanza to attach the extensions to.
tagThe Tag to parse and create the StanzaExtension from.

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◆ registerExtension()

void registerExtension ( StanzaExtension ext)

Use this function to inform StanzaExtensionFactory about available StanzaExtensions. By default, StanzaExtensionFactory does not know about any extensions. gloox-built-in extensions will usually be registered by their respective protocol implementations unless otherwise noted in the extension's API docs.

extAn extension to register.
The supplied StanzaExtension will be deleted in StanzaExtensionFactory's destructor.
Only one instance per extension type can be registered. In case an extension is registered that is of the same type as an already registered extension, the new extension will replace the previously registered one.

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◆ removeExtension()

bool removeExtension ( int  ext)

Removes the given extension type.

extThe extension type.
True if the given type was found (and removed), false otherwise.

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