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EventDispatcher Class Reference

#include <eventdispatcher.h>

Public Member Functions

 EventDispatcher ()
virtual ~EventDispatcher ()
void dispatch (const Event &event, const std::string &context, bool remove)
void dispatch (const Event &event)
void registerEventHandler (EventHandler *eh, const std::string &context)
void removeEventHandler (EventHandler *eh)

Detailed Description

An Event dispatcher.

Jakob Schroeter

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Creates a new EventDispatcher object. You should not need to use this class directly.

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~EventDispatcher ( )

Virtual Destructor.

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Member Function Documentation

void dispatch ( const Event event,
const std::string &  context,
bool  remove 

Looks for handlers for the given Event, and removes the handlers if requested.

eventThe Event to dispatch.
contextAn identifier that limits the EventHandlers that will get notified to those that are specifically interested in this context.
removeWhether or not to remove the context from the list of known contexts. Useful for IQ IDs.

Definition at line 28 of file eventdispatcher.cpp.

void dispatch ( const Event event)

Looks for handlers for the given Event, identified by its type.

eventThe event to dispatch.

Definition at line 43 of file eventdispatcher.cpp.

void registerEventHandler ( EventHandler eh,
const std::string &  context 

Registers the given EventHandler to be notified about Events with the given context. The context will usually be an IQ ID.

ehThe EventHandler to register.
contextThe context to register the EventHandler for.

Definition at line 53 of file eventdispatcher.cpp.

void removeEventHandler ( EventHandler eh)

Removes the given EventHandler.

ehThe EventHandler to remove.

Definition at line 61 of file eventdispatcher.cpp.

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