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ConnectionTCPServer Class Reference

#include <connectiontcpserver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConnectionTCPServer (ConnectionHandler *ch, const LogSink &logInstance, const std::string &ip, int port)
virtual ~ConnectionTCPServer ()
virtual ConnectionError recv (int timeout=-1)
virtual ConnectionError connect ()
virtual ConnectionBasenewInstance () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionTCPBase
 ConnectionTCPBase (const LogSink &logInstance, const std::string &server, int port=-1)
 ConnectionTCPBase (ConnectionDataHandler *cdh, const LogSink &logInstance, const std::string &server, int port=-1)
virtual ~ConnectionTCPBase ()
virtual bool send (const std::string &data)
virtual ConnectionError receive ()
virtual void disconnect ()
virtual void cleanup ()
virtual void getStatistics (long int &totalIn, long int &totalOut)
int socket () const
void setSocket (int socket)
virtual int localPort () const
virtual const std::string localInterface () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConnectionBase
 ConnectionBase (ConnectionDataHandler *cdh)
virtual ~ConnectionBase ()
ConnectionState state () const
void registerConnectionDataHandler (ConnectionDataHandler *cdh)
void setServer (const std::string &server, int port=-1)
const std::string & server () const
int port () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ConnectionBase
ConnectionState m_state
std::string m_server
int m_port

Detailed Description

This is an implementation of a simple listening TCP connection.

You should not need to use this class directly.

Jakob Schroeter

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConnectionTCPServer ( ConnectionHandler ch,
const LogSink logInstance,
const std::string &  ip,
int  port 

Constructs a new ConnectionTCPServer object.

chA ConnectionHandler-derived object that will handle incoming connections.
logInstanceThe log target. Obtain it from ClientBase::logInstance().
ipThe local IP address to listen on. This must not be a hostname. Leave this empty to listen on all local interfaces.
portThe port to listen on.

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~ConnectionTCPServer ( )

Virtual destructor

Definition at line 68 of file connectiontcpserver.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ConnectionError connect ( )

This function actually starts listening on the port given in the constructor.

Implements ConnectionBase.

Definition at line 77 of file connectiontcpserver.cpp.

ConnectionBase * newInstance ( ) const

This function returns a new instance of the current ConnectionBase-derived object. The idea is to be able to 'clone' ConnectionBase-derived objects without knowing of what type they are exactly.

A new Connection* instance.

Implements ConnectionBase.

Definition at line 72 of file connectiontcpserver.cpp.

ConnectionError recv ( int  timeout = -1)

Use this periodically to receive data from the socket.

timeoutThe timeout to use for select in microseconds. Default of -1 means blocking.
The state of the connection.

Implements ConnectionBase.

Definition at line 146 of file connectiontcpserver.cpp.

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