VCard Member List

This is the complete list of members for VCard, including all inherited members.

addAddress(const std::string &pobox, const std::string &extadd, const std::string &street, const std::string &locality, const std::string &region, const std::string &pcode, const std::string &ctry, int type)VCard
addEmail(const std::string &userid, int type)VCard
addLabel(const StringList &lines, int type)VCard
AddressList typedefVCard
AddressType enum nameVCard
AddrTypeBbs enum valueVCard
AddrTypeCell enum valueVCard
AddrTypeDom enum valueVCard
AddrTypeFax enum valueVCard
AddrTypeHome enum valueVCard
AddrTypeInet enum valueVCard
AddrTypeIntl enum valueVCard
AddrTypeIsdn enum valueVCard
AddrTypeModem enum valueVCard
AddrTypeMsg enum valueVCard
AddrTypePager enum valueVCard
AddrTypeParcel enum valueVCard
AddrTypePcs enum valueVCard
AddrTypePostal enum valueVCard
AddrTypePref enum valueVCard
AddrTypeVideo enum valueVCard
AddrTypeVoice enum valueVCard
AddrTypeWork enum valueVCard
AddrTypeX400 enum valueVCard
addTelephone(const std::string &number, int type)VCard
bday() const VCardinline
ClassConfidential enum valueVCard
classification() const VCardinline
ClassNone enum valueVCard
ClassPrivate enum valueVCard
ClassPublic enum valueVCard
desc() const VCardinline
EmailList typedefVCard
formattedname() const VCardinline
geo() const VCardinline
jabberid() const VCardinline
LabelList typedefVCard
logo() const VCardinline
mailer() const VCardinline
name() const VCardinline
nickname() const VCardinline
note() const VCardinline
org() const VCardinline
photo() const VCardinline
prodid() const VCardinline
rev() const VCardinline
role() const VCardinline
setBday(const std::string &bday)VCardinline
setClass(VCardClassification vclass)VCardinline
setDesc(const std::string &desc)VCardinline
setFormattedname(const std::string &name)VCardinline
setGeo(const std::string &lat, const std::string &lon)VCard
setJabberid(const std::string &jabberid)VCardinline
setLogo(const std::string &extval)VCard
setLogo(const std::string &type, const std::string &binval)VCard
setMailer(const std::string &mailer)VCardinline
setName(const std::string &family, const std::string &given, const std::string &middle="", const std::string &prefix="", const std::string &suffix="")VCard
setNickname(const std::string &nickname)VCardinline
setNote(const std::string &note)VCardinline
setOrganization(const std::string &orgname, const StringList &orgunits)VCard
setPhoto(const std::string &extval)VCard
setPhoto(const std::string &type, const std::string &binval)VCard
setProdid(const std::string &prodid)VCardinline
setRev(const std::string &rev)VCardinline
setRole(const std::string &role)VCardinline
setSortstring(const std::string &sortstring)VCardinline
setTitle(const std::string &title)VCardinline
setTz(const std::string &tz)VCardinline
setUid(const std::string &uid)VCardinline
setUrl(const std::string &url)VCardinline
sortstring() const VCardinline
tag() const VCard
TelephoneList typedefVCard
title() const VCardinline
tz() const VCardinline
uid() const VCardinline
url() const VCardinline
VCard(Tag *vcard)VCard
VCardClassification enum nameVCard