gloox  1.1-svn
Presence Member List

This is the complete list of members for Presence, including all inherited members.

addExtension(const StanzaExtension *se)Stanza
addStatus(const std::string &status, const std::string &lang=EmptyString)Presenceinline
Available enum valuePresence
Away enum valuePresence
capabilities() const Presence
Chat enum valuePresence
DND enum valuePresence
error() const Stanza
Error enum valuePresence
extensions() const Stanzainline
findExtension(int type) const Stanza
findExtension(int type) const Stanzainline
from() const Stanzainline
id() const Stanzainline
Invalid enum valuePresence
Presence(PresenceType type, const JID &to, const std::string &status=EmptyString, int priority=0, const std::string &xmllang=EmptyString)Presence
presence() const Presenceinline
PresenceType enum namePresence
priority() const Presenceinline
Probe enum valuePresence
setFrom(const JID &from)Stanzainline
setPresence(PresenceType type)Presenceinline
setPriority(int priority)Presence
Stanza(Tag *tag)Stanzaprotected
Stanza(const JID &to)Stanzaprotected
status(const std::string &lang="default") const Presenceinline
subtype() const Presenceinline
tag() const Presencevirtual
to() const Stanzainline
Unavailable enum valuePresence
XA enum valuePresence
xmlLang() const Stanzainline