gloox  1.0.1
Subscription Member List

This is the complete list of members for Subscription, including all inherited members.

addExtension(const StanzaExtension *se)Stanza
error() const Stanza
extensions() const Stanzainline
findExtension(int type) const Stanza
findExtension(int type) const Stanzainline
from() const Stanzainline
id() const Stanzainline
Invalid enum valueSubscription
S10nType enum nameSubscription
setFrom(const JID &from)Stanzainline
Stanza(Tag *tag)Stanzaprotected
Stanza(const JID &to)Stanzaprotected
status(const std::string &lang="default") const Subscriptioninline
Subscribe enum valueSubscription
Subscribed enum valueSubscription
Subscription(S10nType type, const JID &to, const std::string &status=EmptyString, const std::string &xmllang=EmptyString)Subscription
subtype() const Subscriptioninline
tag() const Subscriptionvirtual
to() const Stanzainline
Unsubscribe enum valueSubscription
Unsubscribed enum valueSubscription
xmlLang() const Stanzainline