gloox  1.0.1
SIManager Member List

This is the complete list of members for SIManager, including all inherited members.

acceptSI(const JID &to, const std::string &id, Tag *child1, Tag *child2=0, const JID &from=JID())SIManager
BadProfile enum valueSIManager
declineSI(const JID &to, const std::string &id, SIError reason, const std::string &text=EmptyString)SIManager
handleIq(const IQ &iq)SIManagervirtual
handleIqID(const IQ &iq, int context)SIManagervirtual
NoValidStreams enum valueSIManager
registerProfile(const std::string &profile, SIProfileHandler *sih)SIManager
removeProfile(const std::string &profile)SIManager
RequestRejected enum valueSIManager
requestSI(SIHandler *sih, const JID &to, const std::string &profile, Tag *child1, Tag *child2=0, const std::string &mimetype="binary/octet-stream", const JID &from=JID(), const std::string &sid=EmptyString)SIManager
SIError enum nameSIManager
SIManager(ClientBase *parent, bool advertise=true)SIManager