gloox  1.0.1
Message Member List

This is the complete list of members for Message, including all inherited members.

addExtension(const StanzaExtension *se)Stanza
body(const std::string &lang="default") const Messageinline
Chat enum valueMessage
error() const Stanza
Error enum valueMessage
extensions() const Stanzainline
findExtension(int type) const Stanza
findExtension(int type) const Stanzainline
from() const Stanzainline
Groupchat enum valueMessage
Headline enum valueMessage
id() const Stanzainline
Invalid enum valueMessage
Message(MessageType type, const JID &to, const std::string &body=EmptyString, const std::string &subject=EmptyString, const std::string &thread=EmptyString, const std::string &xmllang=EmptyString)Message
MessageType enum nameMessage
Normal enum valueMessage
setFrom(const JID &from)Stanzainline
setID(const std::string &id)Messageinline
setThread(const std::string &thread)Messageinline
Stanza(Tag *tag)Stanzaprotected
Stanza(const JID &to)Stanzaprotected
subject(const std::string &lang="default") const Messageinline
subtype() const Messageinline
tag() const Messagevirtual
thread() const Messageinline
to() const Stanzainline
when() const Messageinline
xmlLang() const Stanzainline